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Who We are

Chetak International Packers And Movers is a trusted name in the movers and packers industry. The Chetak International Packers And Movers with a comprehensive understanding of the industry, our reallocation service experts put their job in perspective, and offer tips to increase productivity and decrease stress.

We seamlessly endeavor to provide pro active and easy solutions to our clients that meet the individual’s requirements accurately.

Why Choose Us

Home Shifting

Shifting houses does involved a lot of stress and tension and it can be reduced to a new low or it can even be extinguished completely if professional services are drawn into the picture.

Office Shifting

If you run an office in then city, and you have to shift it to another city, it is going to be quite a big headache. Even thinking of it can give you sleepless nights.

Car Relocation

Your car or scooter is also to be relocated when you have to move house. So it is going to be imperative to get some professionals into the picture.

Warehouse Service

Chetak International Packers and Movers has specifically designed warehousing and storage facility with properly laid out floor plan with fire prevention construction,

International Service

The occasion may require you to move your household goods between the borders of two different countries. This may even involve some amount of air movement if the movement is not conveniently completed using waterways or roadways.

Good Insurance

Insurance is a must while sending household goods. We are In-spite of the best packing and safe transportation, fire, beyond our control like accidents, sabotage etc can result in damages to the goods.

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